Problem on SUM printing in a F View


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I use the DK PDF to print a View

I add some css in the plugin and i can say that we have a good result

The problem is that, when i add the SUM_XXX in the "Before Content"

I can see the total of the XXX field, but i cannot print it.

It don t come in pdf ???

Can someone imagine what kind of issue is this???

Hi Chris,

We also use the DK PDF plugin and the sum_xxx shortcode in the same view and it works fine.

We have the sum_xxx field in After Content section of the view and the [dkpdf-button] shortcode just under it and that all seems to work fine.

Have you got anything else in your view (like the [dkpdf-remove] shortcode) that may be causing issues?



When I put the sum_xxx in after content section is not working

I get Sum_xxx instead a number (as you can see in the picture)


I put the  [dkpdf-button] in the page where i have put the shortcode of the view

I don't put the [dkpdf-button] in the view



The sum_xxx shortcode won't work in the after content section unless you update the code in the snippet but that's not an issue.

But the [dkpdf-button] shortcode should load in the after content section.

Do other shortcodes work if you put them in the before or after content section?


Dear Ronoi

I update  the code in the (function.php) file

and yes everything works fine


thank you very much for your help


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