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Random Send To


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Is there a way to send the form to one random email from a list?
If I have a list of 10 email addresses, each time a form is submitted I would like it to send to one of those 10 emails (random)





1. Create a new form with an email field
2. Create entries, one for each email addresses
3. Create a View with following settings
a) View format: single entry
b) Detail page: ID or Key of the email field
c) Order: Random
4. Copy view shortcode
5. In your form's email settings, paste the view shortcode inside "To" field

Thanks for your help, unfortunately, I can get the view to show the random email address when previewing the page, but when I add the shortcode to the to: field I'm not seeing it send out.



I removed the filter part of the shortcode and I think I've got it. Thanks again for all your help.


Awesome. Happy to help.

Discussion closed.