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reCaptcha V3


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Just wondering if reCaptcha v3 is supported by Formidable Forms or if there are any plans to support it in a near future?

Thank you

This is a community support forum where questions are answered by volunteers with no affiliation with Formidable Forms. We are end users just like yourself. We have no knowledge of what plans the Formidable developers have for supporting reCaptcha V3. I suggest you contact the Formidable team directly.


If you do contact Formidable about this, please share their response with us by posting here. Thanks.


Yes, this is what I got from the support:

Yes - but we don't have a fixed timeline yet. Our development team have a LOT planned for the next few months & are laser focused on some pretty big releases, so that will probably come first & reCaptcha V3 wouldn't be looked at until afterwards.

Sorry I can't be more specific on the timeline.

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