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What is your question?

hi with vincent I had a question
If I want to create a new user, my administration will change user
in another email! I hack my self. only when I'm logged in.
If I'm logged out, everything will work well.

Do I need a user editor plugin?

Victor where are you


I'm sorry. I really don't understand what you are trying to accomplish. I don't know what "my administration will change user" means.

He does not add a new user to in my user profile

Okay, I think I'm beginning to understand. When you are logged in, you want to add new users with the Formidable Registration add-on. This is not how WordPress works. When logged-in, the registration add-on allows you to edit your own profile, not add new users. When logged out, the registration add-on adds new users. This is how WordPress works. The registration add-on simply uses the WordPress functionality. There are no bugs.

If you want to add new users when you are logged in you have to go the WordPress Users page and click the add new user button.

If you need to change data or you need to check: then you want to say that you can not log in because there are other users on your website.

And if another user is logged in. and want a new user to sign in than write that the user's email is logged in.

Thanks fore your answer

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