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Repeating section import


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I have a form with several sections currently 1 section is repeating, I will have about 4 repeating section on the form in all. One for SeaDuty, one for ShoreDuty, one for local dues and one for national dues. The question is how do I import the existing data ( using .csv) for each user into the repeating sections? Most members served on multiple boats and several shore duty stations. Also dues occurs each year. Each existing user does have a unique RosterID field. My site is

Are you still using the multiple form approach or are you changing to the 1-form approach?

In general all rows in a repeater are treated as a single field on the parent form. The easiest way to determine the import format for your design is to enter some dummy data in your development environment and export it. Use the exported CSV file as a model.

Since you mentioned the roster id, I think you're still thinking about the primary/foreign key relationship as discussed in your previous post. The data relationship doesn't work this way, especially with repeating fields.

I switched to the single form approach with tabs. I mentioned the RosterID because I'm still confused on how to associate the existing users information with the new user they will become once imported. I have been using a dummy csv file to create the users with their data but once I got to the repeating data I was stymied. I like the  idea of exporting and looking at the format.  I really appreciate the help.

I deleted all existing test users and data from both FF and WordPress.  I created a new user manually using FF. I then exported the single user from FF. The information in the repeating fields are comma space separated. I added a new user below the existing user in the csv file. I made a change to one field in the existing user from the export just to see if it changes when I did the import (it did). I then did the import and the new user was added and all the non repeating information was added but the repeating information was not added. I tried to use both a comma space and just comma separation for the repeating fields but I did not get any love. I have attached the exported file with the new user added.



I've never had a need to import a repeater field before, but I just tried it in my development environment. It works fine when importing a XML file. It didn't work for me when importing a CSV. I even tried changing the delimiter from comma to pipe sign. No dice.

I sent a message to FF and they just replied back with the same, I asked if they had an example file but they only gave me the import and export help page. Can you share your XML file so I can use it as an example? I'm not so hot with XML.

I simply exported the data as XML, deleted what I created and reimported the data.

I did an export as well. I'm trying to figure it out as well as how I'm going to create/update the 12,500 members I have to import.

You may have to create a preprocessor. That’s the approach I would use. Maybe you can find a converter online, or even use Microsoft Excel.

Here is an update from FF support.

I'm sorry, Lou. Creating new entries with Repeaters isn't an option now, but we'll make a note of your request. You can use XML to export from a form and import back to a form. I got the impression from your first message that you were exporting and then importing.

I've consulted with our lead developer on this to see if there were any other options, but we didn't come up with anything.

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