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Reply-to not working


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We recently discovered our form email that's set to populate the reply-to field with the email the user submits isn't actually working anymore, when we hit reply on the emails it just tries to reply to sender.  It used to work fine and I've double-checked all the settings, but everything looks like it should be fine.  Any idea what might be causing that?

Are all emails failing in this way? Are you seeing the correct email information in the form entries?

Yes, all the emails Formidable is sending where I have the reply-to field set are having the same issue.  And yes, the correct email is in the form entries.  I also tested with a static email in the reply-to setting, instead of using one of the form fields, and that does the same thing, it just seems to ignore the reply-to field.

How about this?

That was it, I switched it so the to and from address are different and it's working again now.  Thanks!

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