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Required Symbol


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On the current site that I'm working on (sorry - it's locked behind a restricted server), the required symbol (*) is missing on the form. It's there when I'm building the form in the Formidable Pro interface. It's just not there on the website. When I inspect the code, I only see the following for one of the required fields:

<label for="field_qh4icy432" class="frm_primary_label">First Name
<span class="frm_required"></span>

Has someone seen this elsewhere and fixed it?

Thanks! Chris

TheĀ <span class="frm_required"></span> will appear for all fields, even if they are not required. If the required checkbox is checked, what does the "Indicate required field with" that appears in the field settings for the First Name field? If the field is blank, Formidable will still show an asterisk by default. If there is a space character, then the you could get the <span> to appear as you show above.

Thanks for your help. Your response lead me to look into the individual settings for each field. I was under the impression that an asterisk would be shown by default. In other words, I wouldn't have to add the asterisk in the field "Indicate required field with". I've done that and now I see the asterisk. It works well enough like this but I've used Formidable Pro for a long time and I don't recall having to add that character in. Perhaps it was changed for a while and I didn't realize it. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!


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