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Sending an Email Notification Attachment (frm_notification_attachment)?


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Hi All, I'm trying to create a form - let's call it a "Send Documents" form. The form building part is easy, but I run into issues when trying to customise the Email Notification to send attachments.I want to be able to send an attachment from documents I have uploaded into wordpress content folder. To make this easy, I'll use the example of a Restaurant Menu. The document I want to send does need to be dynamic or linked with the form data in any way, so it's unnecessary to use a plugin that does this. I want the user to be able to:

  1. Enter email address of who will receive the email
  2. Hit Submit
  3. An email goes to the intended recipient with an attachment (not a download link)
  4. The attachment is hosted by me in WordPress

I found something in the knowledge base about autoresponder attachments but don't know where to put the code or how to use it.Does anyone have a workaround/plugin/instructions on how to do this?

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