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Show after Save Draft


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Scenario: In this scenario everyone is logged in. User is submitting a form that needs approval. User selects with dropdowns who the approvals go to and then Saves Draft. Approvers get emails that notify them of the draft entry with a link to the draft.  They click on the link and have two options; Approve/Unapprove radio buttons. I want those choices only to show when the Approvers go to the page to approve it. How can I accomplish that?


Hi Bryan,
The best way to accomplish this is to introduce a new user role for your approvers and then set the visibility of the radio buttons to this new role.

Can you use the "fields" attribute of the form shortcode and have two different versions of the form?
[formidable id=x]
[formidable id=x fields="field1,field2,field3"]

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