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Signature image/attachment not in email notification


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I'm having an issue where an image of a drawn signature is not included with the email notification for a form. A typed signature is included as text. Our  Formidable plugins are up-to-date with the following version numbers:

  • Formidable Forms v3.03.02
  • Formidable Forms Pro v3.03.02
  • Formidable Locations v2.02
  • Formidable MailChimp v2.03
  • Formidable Signature field v1.11

The site is based on the Avada theme. I've also tried including the field id shortcode separately in the email message:

[default-message include_blank="1"]


Tested with the default theme. Drawn signature works as expected. It could be an issue with your setup or theme.
Check your email raw content. It should have an image tag similar to the attached screenshot. If you have it, then check whether you can access this image using its URL from a browser


I also have the same issue - when I check the source code of the email there is NO img tag just straight text.

Any pointers?

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