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I want to make a timesheet and need some advice.

Based on a year and week number, the corresponding 7 dates of that week are shown. The week begins on a Monday and the date format is dd-mm-yyyy.

For instance: year=2019 and week number=03 results in:

14-01-2019, 15-01-2019, 16-01-2019, 17-01-2019, 18-01-2019, 19-01-2019, 20-01-2019.

Any help is really appreciated.


Hi Eric,

Just to make sure i understand correctly, are you looking to build a view to display times captured in a form and need some help with filtering that view to show you the required dates?

We wrote an article on building a timesheet that may help get you started:

We use a form to filter and set URL parameters for star_date and end_date but you could use strtotime to get the dates you need i think?


Chris | FDM Digital

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

I'm looking for a solution without the need for programming or modifying the software.


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