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transfer parameter to hidden field via form shortcode


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I'm trying to add a second form to a view and send a parameter via the shortcode.

In the view I useĀ  the following shortcode

[formidable id=25 offerteID="BB999"]

This loads the correct form inside the view, however when I use [get param='offerteID'] in the second form to read the parameter in a hidden field, it doesn't work?!

If I load the page that includes the view and add ?offerteID=BB999 to the end of it however ... it DOES work! So that tells me that the second form is reading the offerteID parameter just fine, and it must have something to do with sending the value of the offerteID parameter.

However, I want to add the parameter from inside the view (it's an entry value), so I need it to work with the shortcode methode...

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?


I believe you need to use set-get: [frm-set-get offerteID="BB999"]

I tried it this way:
[frm-set-get offerteID="BB999"]
[formidable id=25]

same result.... so I added the parameter to the url when I load the view (and that works)...
But I wish the shortcode methode would work, because I would also like to send a larger parameter that isn't really suited to send as parameter in the URL

Is the "BB999" a dynamic value or is that something static? Can you provide any screenshots?

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