Typo in Move and rename files PHP example


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There seems to be a typo on line 58 of the Move and rename files PHP example.

$wp_filesystem->put_contents( $index_path, "chmod_file );

Can you please clarify the correct code?

Thank you,

Ana Rita


This is a community forum where questions are answered by volunteers. We're end users just as yourself. We have no affiliation with the Formidable team.

We don't have the ability to correct code examples. I suggest you open a help ticket with the Formidable team to help them fix the code.

Yes, sorry, I have since asked Formidable team through a support ticket. They have acknowledged the typo and will look into it. In the meantime, it seems to work with the following:

$wp_filesystem->put_contents( $index_path, FS_CHMOD_FILE );

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