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Understanding the costs


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Hi all!

I'm not understanding how the pricing works here.  I see different packages, add-ons, styles, and forms but it is not at all clear to me what is included with each payment level.  I have three sites that could use FF beyond the "Free" version at this time.  All three would look better with the Divi Style - do I pay separately for that style after the Creator package?  And what is "Pro" ... I don't see that as one of the pricing levels, but there's a Call to Action button in several places to "Get FF Pro".  Confusing at best for this simple man.

One of the sites would definitely benefit from having WooCommerce or PayPal integration.  Do I pay separately for each of those features or are they included in one of these packages?

Finally, I'm very interested in the Multi-Page form with progress bar capability.  How much for that?

I'm probably missing something very obvious - but I AM missing it and don't know if I want to proceed if I'm going to be paying an annual fee for support and some features, then more for other features on top of that.

Please explain how this all works or point me to the page that lays this out clearly.

Thanks so much!

This is a community forum where questions are answered by volunteers. We are end users just like you with no affiliation to the Formidable Pro team. For pre-sale questions as your's is, please use the contact us page to send your question directly to the FF team.

Discussion closed.