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I have a view setup with an edit link and I'm trying to update just one field. It's not working.  When I click on link, it shows all fields on form to edit:

[editlink label="Admin Notes" fields="206" page_id=14861]

I just created a view and was able to edit a single field in my local environment.

1. Make sure "Allow front-end editing of entries" is checked on the form's settings page
2. Make sure your view contains the following code:

<div id="frm_container_[id]">
Content here
[editlink label="Admin Notes" prefix="frm_container_" fields="206"]

3. There's no reason to use the page_id here.

It worked perfect!  I didn't know you do on same page.  Thanks so much.

On another note, my very first formidable answer was from one of your YouTube videos that led me to your website than here.


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