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I am a consultant for a non-profit and have inherited a website that I helped to migrate from a previous host that used a Pro license. Now that we have migrated to a new WordPress site, we are using the free (Lite) version of Formidable Forms, but one of our forms (which is important to the site) has stopped working because it requires the Pro version. The way this important form now works is that instead of displaying output, the webpage will display the Form shortcode:

[display-frm-data id=8691 filter=1 page_size=30]

My questions are:

How can I know which level of Formidable Form Pro will work?

Can I use the Personal Pro license for a non-profit?

Is there a way for me to diagnose which level of  Formidable Form Pro was used earlier? I have direct access to the MySQL database, and am familiar with SQL.

Any help much appreciated!

--Rick Casey

Any paid version will allow you to use views or "display frm data".


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