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Does anyone know if it's possible to use Formidable Forms to automatically send an email quote based on options selected in the form? I want to stay away from posting a price list of my products, but I also don't want to reply to a bunch of emails per day asking for pricing on a certain product. I don't want to have a price list that a lot of people can just see with no interaction from me, and potentially never come back. What I want to do is this. Have the user select what they want in a custom form, product, size, features... etc. and then have the form calculate the price automatically and send them an email with the info. I want the form to also send me an email with the person's contact info so I can follow up after a couple days if I don't hear back.

Is something like this possible?

Yes, under your email notification you can create conditionals based on the value of fields, these won't show up in form no matter what not even as hidden and will only be in the emails. Some crude examples, replace with your FORM ID #'s, and I was using numeric matches you but get an idea.

[if 407 greater_than="3"]
<h3 style="color: red;">Price is: $400-</h3>
[/if 407]
[if 423 greater_than="4"]
<h3 style="color: red;">Price is: $600-</h3>
[/if 423]
[if 424 greater_than="5"]
<h3 style="color: red;">Price is: $800-</h3>
[/if 424]

Thanks for the response Dragonblogger.

Can I do this:

In the form the user would select the following options to be priced (the prices in brackets would not be showing on the form but for clarification here only):

Swing Set Model "Fun Times" ($500)
Add extra swing ($25)
Include anchors ($25)
Include installation ($150)

After submitting, the user gets an email (would be awesome if I could style it to look like an official quote from the company) saying that the price for the structure they selected including the extras comes to $700 with no breakdown of costs.

Can I enter the pricing for each item into a database of sorts (maybe by adding a $value to each drop-down option) and have it calculate a total to send, or do I need to input all that data into the email notifications area? There are quite a few choices available, so trying to keep this a simple as possible.





I don't think you can do this in the email itself, but creating a hidden calculate field that can calculate the totals from other fields and produce the total, then display the total in the email



For the selection where they choose the products, you would leverage "use separate values" and define a dollar amount as the value based on what they selected, this way the field would be a numeric value, even though they selected a text field.  Or you could always create other fields that turn that 'value' into a number and then calculate that field.  Image should help.


Thank you Dragonblogger. I think I can get this to work. I'll likely use drop-downs and not the check-boxes, but I would imagine the steps are the same.

You've been very helpful! Thank you!

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