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wordpress dates in salesforce


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I am trying to use the new Salesforce plugin which allows you to automatically copy WordPress form entries into a table in my Salesforce account.  The issue that I have come across is how to get Salesforce to recognize WordPress dates.  The standard date format in Formdiable is mm/dd/yyyy.  Salesforce does not see this data entry as a Salesforce date data and rejects the transfer into a Salesforce field with a data record type.  Anyone know how to fix this issue?

This is a community forum where questions are answered by volunteers. We are end users just like yourself. We have no affiliation with the Formidable team. Unless there's someone here that owns the Salesforce add-on and has a Salesforce account, it's unlikely that you are going to receive an answer to your question. You'll probably get the best and fastest response by contacting the Formidable team directly by opening up a support ticket.

I believe Salesforce requires the dates to be text and in the format YYYY-MM-DD. This is from a previous life so I don't have specific experience  using it with FP and Wordpress but it would be a place to start.

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