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wp_options question


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I have been doing some deep database cleaning of a client site and I have the following options from the wp_options table that are being reported as ORPHANS, i.e. not belonging to the core, a plugin or a theme but they look to be from FF (I am using FF Pro) and wanted to know if I can safely delete these and ask why they are reported as orphans - any takers?

  1. frm_fca82cfbaecec1fc342b9d7fc65c6ec1 - 2019-02-24 04:09:33 - autoload no - Orphan!
  2. frm_addons_lda0a52eb398a4b39c3bdfeb7d8ddfb82 - a:2:{s:7:"timeout";i:155146398 ... - autoload no - Orphan!
  3. frm_e071ac3e9809fba82d5814ae94de77b2 - 2019-03-01 15:25:27 - autoload yes - Orphan!
  4. frm_addons_lf184115f0159cb0e344557966ca3e091 - a:2:{s:7:"timeout";i:154992765 ... - autoload no - Orphan!

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