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wpdatatables integration - show formidable KEY in column?


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This is a question to anyone using wpdatatables integration plugin here...

I would like to know, is there any way at all to include the Formidable entry "key" (the 5-character unique identifier) in a wpDataTable column? I can only see how the numeric ID can be included, but for an application we really really need to include the entry key in the table as well.

Anyone can think of any solution at all? I am comfortable with php if there is a patch that I will have to apply.


I never used the plugin for WPDatatables. I use the jQuery version and manually code the integration. Since this is done in views, the key is available and my preferred method of referencing fields.

hello, any example for that? I haven't figured how to create views in a fast way that basically include the whole table and are searchable, filterable and sortable in real-time.

with wpdatatables I can do that quite easily, but it lacks the key. So if it can be done natively with formidable views, I would definitely like to know that :)

Try footable plugin and let me know if u need help

you can try

there is a plugin  made by Teowin-Software for what you need , i didnt try it yet , once i try it i will let you know .


hi Ethan, thanks for the help. How about that Teowin plugin? Is it legit? I cannot find any screenshots or features at all.. not even how to contact the developer - his website is almost empty.. Anyone here tried it?

am trying but i cant give you an opinion yet but i will let you know

i think this is his email  info .  :



Hi Andreas,

The grid did not get my attention in the last weeks. I guess time for an update.

TeowinGrid is a responsive, JQuery based grid which supports pagination and inline editing. And it saves your entries. There are 2 things not working (not implemented): radiogroups and signatures.

I have posted a screenshot with the product on my website. But if you like there is a demo available which shows the editable grid.

Best regards,

Teo Super


Here's the header of a view a wrote a few years ago. It initializes a datatable with filters and sortable columns. It also displays the buttons for copy, excel, and print.

You can download the jQuery extension here:


can you give us a quick walk through , that would be much much appriciated

Thanks Vfontjr for ur valuable contrubition to FF community

Hi Ethan,

Walking you through the code and how to do this is a lot to ask from a community volunteer. I run a full-time consulting business and my time is valuable. I don't mind helping out here by providing code samples I've written in the past or taking a few minutes to provide more detailed explanations, but the preparation and walk through would take too much time away from my paid clients. Please understand, that the customers with whom I have an established business relationship are my priority.

It's really not that difficult and everything you need can be found on the datatables site.

I agree with Teo Super in Everything he said , make a lot of sense

Hi VFontjr,

I decided to remove my initial comment. I suppose you have seen the initial text. But I will re-post some of it.

Your Javascript file will leave the average Formidable Pro customer clueless. I understand where it should go and what it does because I have coded a plugin and I have background. And even then: it is a hack because your Javascript should go in a separate file.

You gave a very nice but complicated IKEA dressoir but only the wood and the screws. Without drawing. And when asked to lay out the wood, you don't have time.

Your code requires good programming knowledge. You need to know how to implement code in your Wordpress website.

I have searched for a JQuery table that takes a column definition to draw an HTML table and can load rows and save data with Ajax. Getting the colums determination, the calculations, pagination, loading and saving to work took me about 150 hours.

If you really need to suggest people an alternative to what I try to make a living from, then please suggest something everyone can carry out. And add the drawing.

Your suggestion requires HTML/Javascript and Wordpress/coding knowlege up to a level where someone knows how they can attach Javascript files to a page. Pointing them to the Datatables website with a "good luck" does not really help anyone..

But one way or another: I have coded this plugin because I see the need for a straightforward grid, made for the website owner.

It costs a one hour fee to get the most simple straightforward solution possible.

Best regards,

Teo Super

I'm sorry that you guys are offended because my offer to help doesn't measure up to your standards. But let me ask you, what other professional would you go to and ask for up to 2 hours of their time to provide you with their services for free? Would you ask your doctor, lawyer, auto mechanic, HVAC service tech, or anyone else? It's unrealistic to expect an unpaid volunteer to devote that much time to any issue for anyone with whom they don't have an established business relationship.

I'm also a moderator on the Studio Press Community Forum where I've helped almost 7,000 people over the past few years. I check these forums regularly during my breaks from my client work or writing. I've written 14 books and have thousands of blog posts on a variety of sites and subjects all for the sole purpose of helping others. I do my best, but I guess sometimes, my best is just not good enough.

I wish you all a joyous, safe and satisfying holiday season. I'm taking a very badly needed vacation and signing out until the new year. My best to you.

vfontjr you are missing my point.

First of all: I'm not native English but Dutch. I did not mean to offend but I tried to explain.

My point is not about not willing to help but after I mentioned my plugin the first that happens is someone posts an alternative saying that it all is not difficult.  I just had to comment on that. I hope you understand what I try to explain. I make a living out of coding/consultancy.

But about your suggestion for the grid, is a very nice grid. But that is for the display part. The editor part which also looks realy nice, is premium. Costing 109 dollar for a single developer and you need OEM licensing to distribute the editor.

I think you missed that part.

Sorry if I was offensive.

I too wish everyone who reads this a good/nice holiday season.

Hi Meremetia

i use the WPDataTables plugin and you can pull and show any data from the database

create mysql query table and link the tables by the required ID

the FF Item_key is on the frm_items table

alternatively you can create a table in database and use a saved procedure to update query to add the 'item_key' by using formidable hooks - ie after entry or after update run the saved procedure .


i hope this will guide you to a solution.



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