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Hi folks,

I just wanted to leave a bit of support for others who may need to amend or create their very own SQL query using wpdatatables integration plugin.

For those who have purchased the plugin, this does offer the ability to build tables based on forms submitted and retrieving values based on the fields associated with the form.

i have paid a developer to write a query to do just this to get the same result, however i will supply the code for you to adapt to your needs.

My need was to create a specific filter based on the query which can also be done by the plugin but wanted to share the query if you choose to use it and make use of it.


max(case when fld.name = 'User ID' then mta.meta_value end) as 'User ID',
max(case when fld.name = 'IP Address' then mta.meta_value end) as 'IP Address',
max(case when fld.name = 'Server' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Server',
max(case when fld.name = 'Entry Time' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Entry Time',
max(case when fld.name = 'Entry Date' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Entry Date',
max(case when fld.name = 'Country' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Country',
from wp_frm_forms frm
inner join wp_frm_fields fld on (fld.form_id=frm.id)
inner join wp_frm_items itm on (itm.form_id=frm.id)
inner join wp_frm_item_metas mta on (mta.field_id=fld.id and mta.item_id=itm.id )
where frm.id=15;


you may want to add conditions to the query for your very own purposes but at least you can see the framework that you can easily edit.

replace all instances of field names to match your own such as 'User ID' both need to match like so and do this for each field you want to query

max(case when fld.name = 'Feild 1' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Field 1',

max(case when fld.name = 'Feild 2' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Field 2',


thanks Chris

Thank you thats very helpful

Is there any previous steps before writing the sql code . cause its not woeking forme
Thx for help

What are you trying to achieve?

Paste your code and I see what you are trying to do


Send me the code and what you are trying to achieve?

Let me look

Thanks for share it. Also is possible to send data to a MySQL table using a MySQL Action.

I tried this code in Wpdatatables  Mysql query but its not working , can you please give me a hint

thanks Chris Wareham


max(case when fld.name = 'Work order' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Work order',
max(case when fld.name = 'Assign To' then mta.meta_value end) as 'Assign To',
from wp_144425010_frm_forms
inner join wp_144425010_frm_fields fld on (fld.form_id=frm.id)
inner join wp_144425010_frm_item itm on (itm.form_id=frm.id)
inner join wp_144425010_frm_item_metas mta on (mta.field_id=fld.id and mta.item_id=itm.id )
where frm.id=12;

That query will crash your WPDatatable.

WPDatatables save hook is not the way to go either. If you get that to work you will need to re-implement the Formidable Pro form in WPDatatable.

If I can't post this here, let me know and I remove this comment.. But I wanted to inform you all that I am building a responsive grid that lists Formidable entries that can be searched and filtered (in the second release) inline edited and that will use the actions, validations and formulas from the form.

If that sound usefull: I give an early bird discount of 10% when you send me a message from the plugin page at https://www.teowin.nl/products/teowin-grid/

Chris Wareham
JUNE 6, 2018 AT 2:36 PM

Hi folks,

I just wanted to leave a bit of support for others who may need to amend or create their very own SQL query using wpdatatables integration plugin.......

hi, i need a mysql developer to make a custom query to get a wpdatatables that then i'll use as base for radar chart engine. this chart needs a particular table to work (pivot table). Can you give me your developers contacts? can you tell me the price for your custom query?


I can write that query for you but not for wpDatatables. That will only lead to misery.

I suggest to find another table/grid, there are plenty out there.


"That will only lead to misery." can yout tell me why? i would like to use wpdatatables becouse it has chart.js engine incorporated with radar chart capabilities. There are other plugins with this feature? i try also formidable forms chart but radar chart isn't possible whitout plugin customization:(

You can test for yourself: install the plugin, create a datatable based on mysql, insert the query in this thread (but don't forget to change the formID) and try to save your definition and if it saves, try to modify the definition.  That randomly worked and did not work on my computer, crashed with all definitions except one on a client's computer and on my test website.

I would suggest: hire a pro, assuming coding a plugin showing a chart with Wordpress data is not THAT hard.



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