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Hi all. I ask the experts for help to build a query in MYSQL that allows to show the fields of a form that I select in a view but that each column is a field. I have tried but it has been impossible for me.

Field 1,
Field 2,
Field N
From Form
Where form = N

Column 1 = Field 1
Column 2 = Field 2
Column N = Field N

Thank you very much for your help.

This is a very complicated request that can days to implement correctly. You want to build a dynamic display/view that doesn't exist until the fields are selected by a user, is that correct?

This requires a lot of custom coding to build a SQL statement dynamically, execute that statement through Ajax, then display the results. This is way beyond the scope of any help we can provide as unpaid community volunteers. If you have the budget, I suggest you hire a developer.

Check this out it might help you understanding the dB structure


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